Greening the Grid

Through the Storm

Most wind parks in the Czech Republic are adjacent to small towns. Even local opposition and the long approval process does not dissuade wind energy companies and the Czech Republic from continuing to embrace wind as a renewable natural source. The Ministry of the Environment recently set out to encourage public officials to learn more about renewable energy in order to make informed decisions such as placing wind turbines in natural landscapes.

Feel the breeze from the northwest region of the Czech Republic.

Wind powers small town

The town of Rockport, Missouri, uses 13 million kilowatts of electricity that is generated by wind turbines located in the Loess Hills Wind Farm. The farm generates enough power to supply the town and sell energy to the public utility company, which has led to cost cuts and increases in revenue. The residents of Rockport take pride in this unique project that is leading the shift to generating clean energy from the wind.

See how one small town has adopted wind energy.